"RAGGLIFE music is how he describes his sound. This is a fusion of Reggae, Highlife, Afrobeats, and Dancehall."

.Osei-Tutu Danso, a.k.a K’Daanso born 1989 in Ghana, is a music artist based in Germany. He writes, composes, voices, and performs his own songs.

K’Daanso has been on this music journey since 2006, and keeps pushing his craft and experience worldwide. He loves to play his guitar and jam on the djembe. He sings in different languages (English, Pidgin, Twi, Patoa and German), and after releasing his hit song, “Wonim Rasta”in 2015, he shared stages with most of the renowned artists in Ghana.

K’Daanso’s history of migration and the effects of (neo)colonialism are experiences that he shares in his texts. He looks at the cultures of life on both continents and deals with the past and the present, with what divides and what connects. In 2016, he formed the RAGGLYF band in Mainz, Germany. They have been rocking many festivals and concerts in and out of Germany ever since.


RAGGLYF Headlines Eurofolk Festival 2021 in Germany (Live Performance)

K’Daanso Live @ Open Ohr, Pt. 2

K’Daanso cooks Reggae & Afrobeats in One Pot//Ananse Album Live //PART 1

K’Daanso & RLF – Pilolo (Live Session)

K’Daanso serves Fans Worldwide with Home Brewed Afro_Reggae// Ananse Album Live//PART 2

K’Daanso & RLF – Pɛpɛdɛ (Live Session)

K’Daanso ft. Steffen Worch – Herbs Woman (Acoustic Live Session)

K’Daanso Live @ Open Ohr, Pt. 1


Performance with Band

K’Daanso is available to play with his band, RAGGLYF
or any provided band. Number of musicians range from five to twelve.

Acoustic Performance

K’Daanso is available to play and sing alone on his acoustic guitar, or as a duo or a trio. Accompanied instruments vary, depending on availability and suitability.

Performance with Soundsystem

Inspired by Jamaican sound system culture, K’Daanso can perform or Dj/MC with a soundsystem. Be it dub, reggae, dancehall, or afrobeats. He is also a selector.


K’Daanso offers a Beats & Rhythm workshop where various instruments are presented and practiced with. It also includes Sing-alongs and dancing. Additionally, there are some other workshops that he offers; Afrobeats, Afro music for kids, Jama music, Highlife, Tanzbaden, Knowing Ghana, Colonialism, Cocoa & Chocolate, etc. For more info >>

Album Highlights


Ananse Album






Libation EP



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